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John's passion for advocating for injured clients has been a driving force in his legal career since the beginning. Growing up in a family of lawyers, playing football at Hobart College, and attending law school at Suffolk University, John has channeled his competitive drive to win when representing clients. He founded his firm, Peck Trial Attorneys, PC, after years of working in personal injury with a unique approach to success. For John, every case is a fight against the multi-billion dollar insurance companies who fight to pay injured people as little as possible. He takes pride in his work and personally involves himself in every case, making himself easily available to clients. While his approach may take more time, the results speak for themselves - Peck Trial Attorneys recover more money for clients. John and his team get creative with every case and work together with every client to build the strongest case possible. With over a decade of experience, John has recovered millions for clients and his approach is sure to be successful for years to come.



Meet Doug- a skilled trial attorney with over 20 years of experience on both sides of the personal injury battle. A Marine Veteran and proud graduate of Colgate University and Boston University School of Law, Doug brings a wealth of knowledge and creativity to every case he handles. He takes pride in securing the best possible outcome for his clients and is a fierce advocate in and out of the courtroom. In his free time, Doug enjoys cooking, fishing, and snowboarding

Legal Intern - Champion for Justice


Meet Sadeek- a champion for justice, currently interning with us while he finishes his studies at Northeastern Law. With a stellar academic record and a passion for advocacy, Sadeek is already making a name for himself in the legal community. His dedication to helping clients find justice is unmatched, and he has already proven himself to be a valuable asset to our team. After graduation, Sadeek plans to take his talents to New York City, where he has been offered a position at one of the country's most prestigious firms. But until then, we're lucky enough to have him on our team, fighting for our clients and helping us build a better world, one case at a time.



As the Operations Manager at Peck Trial Attorneys, Yibekal is responsible for overseeing and optimizing the operational functions of the organization. With a strong background in finance and accounting, Yibekal brings extensive experience to this role. He works closely with John to ensure the smooth functioning of the firm's operations, identifying areas for improvement and implementing efficient processes. Yibekal is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of accuracy, transparency, and attention to detail..



Meet Katie - Starting her career as a grant writer for Harvard, she has honed her writing and analysis skills to become an expert in maximizing settlements. Katie believes that the key to success is to carefully craft a narrative that reflects the individual experience of her clients, and she is committed to relating the story of their injuries and the impact on their lives. In her free time, Katie is a proud mother of three: two boys who play D1 football and a daughter who is one of the brightest students at her school.



Meet Stephanie- a valuable asset to the Peck Trial Attorneys team, serving as the Case Manager. Her dedication to helping people and exceptional problem-solving skills have made her a crucial part of the team. As a native Spanish speaker with local roots, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Stephanie graduated from Northeastern in 2022 and joined the firm eager to make a difference in the lives of clients.


karen jaramillo

Meet Karen- the Head of Data Security at Peck Trial Attorneys where she plays an essential role in protecting client data and ensuring the firm's systems are up-to-date. Her expertise in data privacy is crucial in keeping sensitive client information safe from malicious attacks. Originally from East Boston, Karen is fluent in Spanish and enjoys spending time with her family and three dogs.

Fearless intern


Regan is a law student at New England Law with a passion for fighting for the good guys in an unbalanced fight! She loves the fight against the insurance company, she's a zealous advocate, and she is fantastic at legal research. If you have a legal question, she will find the answer, no question about it.


Steven pelletier

Meet Steven- a creative director based in Boston who brings over a decade of experience in brand strategy, graphic design, and advertising to his work. He founded his own creative agency in 2019, where he collaborates with clients to develop effective marketing campaigns, branding, and web design. In addition to running his own agency, Steven also consults for Peck, on all things creative. He helps the firm develop and implement its brand strategy, ensuring that it communicates its message effectively to its clients and partners. Steven's expertise in creating compelling visual content has been invaluable to the firm in its efforts to connect with clients and build its reputation as a top personal injury law firm in Boston.

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